"La Belle Diane", restaurant of the Château de Roussan**** in Saint Rémy de Provence

Gourmet cuisine

Just like the building which shelters the Château de Roussan****, the restaurant created by the hotel owner combines the charm of Provence with quality regional products. It offers a refined and gourmet cuisine served in a wonderful, natural setting.

Our full menu (three services) can be chosen directly "à la Carte", and we offer also lighter alternatives (Starter - Main dish or Main dish - Dessert) - the lunch offer bringing something new everyday (Menu du Jour), and the colors of our garden as well as the Menu change according to the season...


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Menu du Château - Starter , main dish and dessert - 42€



Artichoke, smoked garlic, toasted sesame, balsamic 16€

* * * *

Foie gras, Jägermeister, apple, cocoa, iodine 19€



Veal, celery, coffee, onion 29€

* * * *

Skrei cod, cauliflower, vanilla 27€

* * * *

Cheese plate 14€



Dark chocolate, milk jam, "nature" 15€

* * * *

Butternut, honey, yogurt, pecan nut 14€

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The chef, Olivier Boscolo, and his team like to work with the provence as the main tool.


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