Christine Bottereau exhibition in the park 

 Aug 1, 2019

Château de Roussan has the immense pleasure of welcoming the artist Christine Bottereau for an exhibition in the form of a walk in the Park, called "A Stroll in Mythology", from August 8 to October 10, 2019.

After years of work in drawing and painting, where matter became more and more important, the contact of the earth was a revelation for the artist Christine Bottereau. 

Christine Bottereau is particularly fond of sandstone for her different chamottes, but this year she will present her first bronze sculptures, just out of the Art Foundry.

Following the inspiration born from the relationship to the living model, Christine draws from her hands a different story. Mythology and antiquity inspire it, as does the preservation of our planet (Kop, an allegory of global warming) but it can also very simply write the story of a sensuality (Assoupie).